It’s all about math.  Whether it’s technology, numbers, or just bad math puns, it’s about mathematics with me.   

Dear Algebra, Stop asking me to find your eX.  I’m not a detective!

I teach mathematics in an inner city school, and want more than anything for my students’ eyes to light up with that AHA moment and really get it.  Just for once in their school career, say “I love math class”, and to lose the math phobia that so many students have today.  I plan on sharing technology, tools, lessons, tricks, and unfortunately, some really bad math puns that I have learned help students finally get it. So come on and follow me, and even if you were one of those students whose eyes glazed over when letters were introduced in math class, I promise to make you laugh, and maybe even learn a little.

I hated math, then I found out about Pi!  Nom, nom, nom, nom…


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